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Here's what businesses can remain open during Maryland's non-essential business shutdown

On March 23, 2020 - Maryland Governor Larry Hogan ordered the closing of all non-essential businesses, organizations, services and gatherings to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.   


According to the ordinance, here are the categories of businesses that qualify as essential services (you can see  the full ordinance HERE)


  • Childcare
  • Food stores, liquor stores, bars and restaurants (for carry-out and delivery services)

  • Emergency services

  • Energy Providers

  • Banks, insurance and accountants

  • Government facilities

  • Lodging, laundromats, maintenance and construction (this includes home improvement stores, plumbers, HVAC services, roofers, and apartments / property maintenance companies)

  • TV and radio stations /  internet providers 

  • Healthcare and public health - this includes hospitals, private healthcare offices.  However - you should check with your doctor for their policies

  • Transportation services - airports, railroads, trucking, and postal services

  • Manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals and chemicals

  • Water and waste facilities 

  • Manufacturers of essential supplies

  • Defense Services

  • Information technology companies 

  • State parks


While the order was not a 'shelter-in-place order', Maryland residents are encouraged to stay in their neighborhoods and refrain from congregating in large groups.