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Ways you can help support the local economy during the coronavirus crisis

Maryland's Governor Larry Hogan has taken some unprecedented steps in order to help curb the spread of Covid - 19 (the coronavirus).  This included ordering the closure of all Maryland bars, restaurants, movie theaters and gyms. 


While it should be noted that grocery stores, banks, pharmacies and other essential services will remain open - the closing of many business will have a devastating impact on our local economy.  


Here are a few simple ways that you can help these businesses stay afloat during these times: 


1.  Order carry out from your favorite restaurants  -Yes, the governor ordered the restaurants and bars to be closed to the public - many are planning on offering carry out and delivery.  Give your favorite place a call and see what they are offering ... and don't forget to tip :) The service industry is getting hit hard too! 


2.  Order gift cards online from local businesses - buying a gift card now that you can use later puts money straight in the pocket of a local retailer that can help them pay employees, bills and more ... and for a limited time-  Visit Annapolis  is matching any gift card purchased


3.  Support local musicians - many local musicians are having gigs closed - so they have resorted to hosting online concerts.  Be sure to tune in, tip them online, and head to their website and buy some merch! 


4.  Buy tickets to future concerts - speaking of live music - there are plenty of concerts that haven't been cancelled ... check out your favorite venue's website and see what shows they have coming up and purchase tickets to something this summer or fall! 


5.  Promote your local businesses - even if you're not in a place to buy gift cards or merch or carry out - you can help spread the word that local businesses are open via your own social media ... share / like / retweet when you see a local business promoting their operation during this pandemic.