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The Killers delay US concert ticket sales - will donate a portion of the proceeds to local organizations helping service industry employees impacted by the Coronavirus


The Killers announced last week that they will bring their Imploding the Mirage Tour to the states this fall - including a October 3rd date at the Capital One Arena in Washington DC.  


(Olivia Bee | courtesy of Island Records)


However - due to Corona Virus pandemic - the band decided to delay the on sale of the tickets for the tour ... but - they are doing something pretty cool for those feeling the effects of the national emergency - they will be donating a portion of their ticket income to charities helping out help people whose service industry jobs are impacted by the Coronavirus.


In a statement, the band said:


A quick note to say that tickets for our late summer/fall shows will not be going on sale just yet. The news is changing every hour around Coronavirus and, ultimately, we want you, our fans, to stay focused on prevention and remaining safe and cautious right now.


In addition, once we go on sale, we will be providing a portion of our ticketing income to local organizations who help people whose service industry jobs are impacted by the Coronavirus in each of our tour cities. We are taking this personally. Both we and our families have had these jobs and our hearts go out to those affected.


If anything changes again, we'll let you know; in the meantime, we're more excited than ever to sing these new songs with you, and can't wait to see you soon. Watch this space for the updated ticket information!



In addition to the new song Caution - the band also shared a Mr. Brightside handwashing video ... check out both below: