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This Website Lets You Make Your Own Custom Hand-Washing Sign With Your Favorite Song

Unless you've been living under a rock - you should know by now that the best bet protect yourself from COVID-19 aka the corona virus  is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. 





At first - people came out with helpful ways to count to 20 while scrubbing .. sing Happy Birthday or Row Row Row Your Boat (twice) ... but that's boring ... and thanks to  17 year old - William Gibson - you can now make your own hand washing anthem with the lyrics to any song you like! 


All you have to do is go to  - enter the song title and artist and it will generate a downloadable poster with your lyrics and hand washing techniques.  


Be sure to share your hand washing sign alongs with us! 


Oh - did we mention the 17 year old made the site in 24 hours ... feeling dumb yet? 




Here are some of our favorite ones:


Rob Timm:



Miley Cyrus




Daft Punk




David Bowie