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The White Stripes Announce Massive Reissue for the 20th Anniversary of 'De Stijl'

The Vault from Jack White's Third Man Records has announced that it will honor the 20th anniversary of The White Stripes sophomore album with a major reissue - “The Accompaniment to De Stijl: The White Stripes’ Sophomore Album”


From The Vault: 

In the year 2000 the White Stripes released their sophomore LP De Stijl. Named after the minimalist Dutch art movement of the early 20th century, the album was a marked deviation from the raw, urban punk blues exhibited on their debut LP from the year prior. Eschewing the cold confines of a studio, De Stijl was tracked in Jack White’s living room, giving the band the freedom to take the time to massage their songs into their picturesque final forms. The year would prove to be a further continuation of the band’s upward trajectory, complete with their first-ever headlining tour, a clutch run of dates opening for Sleater-Kinney, a first-time overseas jaunt hitting Japan, Australia and New Zealand…all culminating in the tiniest peek into the press hype overload that would land their way come 2001.




The reissue features 2 LPs - one red, one white (cause duh), a booklet of rare photos and flyers, and a DVD with two concerts Third Man Records guarantees  "are shows you have NEVER seen before"  ... "giving you, Johnny Q. Fanboy, hours upon hours of fun reading, digging and learning why this is a band, a release and a year worth paying attention to."


They go on to say - “Only recently discovered in the basement of Stripes’ archivist, Ben Blackwell, these recordings, many with alternate and unused lyrics, were completely forgotten by White, yet form a pivotal foundation and structure on which the De Stijl album would build from,”


To get your hands on The Accompaniment to De Stijl: The White Stripes’ Sophomore Album, you'll need to be a member of The Vault  ... but don't fret - you have until midnight CST April 30, 2020 


The Accompaniment to De Stijl: The White Stripes’ Sophomore Album Tracklist


LP 1 (All previously unreleased):


Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise
A Boy’s Best Friend
Sister, Do You Know My Name?
I’m Bound to Pack It Up
Vanilla Fields
Piano Octaves
You’re Right, I’m Wrong
I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself
(and more!)


LP 2:


Let There Be Rock (AC/DC cover)
Dog Eat Dog (AC/DC cover)
You’re Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)
Hello Operator
Death Letter
Little Bird
Lord, Send Me an Angel
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
Apple Blossom
Broken Bricks
Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise
I’m Bored
Let’s Build a Home / Goin’ Back to Memphis
Suzy Lee
After Hours (Velvet Underground cover)