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Aldi's handbag with secret built-in wine dispenser is back ... but only in Australia


German discount supermarket chain Aldi - known for their low prices on award-winning products  - has taken things to the next level - with their women's handbag with a secret built-in beverage dispenser. 


Now you could put any beverage in the bag - but why would you want to subtly pour a glass of water when it holds a full bottle of wine ;) 


Credit: Aldi


The tropical-themed bag retails for $24.99 and is part of Aldi's Special Buys catalog for December 18  and is sure to be an instant sell out.  


The problem - for us in the United States - is that the product is only available for sale in Australia.  What gives ALDI? 


Credit: Aldi


So if you need to get one of these - better head to ebay or Poshmark ;) 


You would think with comments like - 


"Looks like a great Christmas present idea.  We could even take them to work."




"My love for Aldi just increased!"




"This is ALL I want for Xmas"




"Next level! Lol does it come in a clutch size lol."


ALDI would add it to their US stores ... just sayin!