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RNR Intersect Music Festival contest winner ends up on stage chugging beers with Dave Grohl in Vegas [VIDEO]


We love giving our listeners amazing experiences ... like concert tickets, backstage passes, and even trips to other cities to see their favorite bands. 


Cue Shane and Dave  ... our winners of the Spoon Podcast Pop Quiz contest.  The two friends from Annapolis spent the weekend in Vegas at the Intersect Music Festival - checking out bands like Spoon, Beck, Kacey Musgraves, Leon Bridges, and Foo Fighters


Well - Shane's experience got amplified 1000x during Foo Fighters set ... when before the band played Big Me - he got invited on stage by Dave Grohl - dressed in a Santa suit - to shotgun a beer with Dave Grohl! 


Cameras were rolling ... so sorry Shane - what happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas!