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Maggie Rogers calls out person who yelled 'take your top off' during concert

It used to be people would yell dumb things at concerts for a chuckle  -"play freebird" , "play one the drummer knows", etc  ...


But at Maggie Rogers recent Austin City Limits taping - some jacka$$ took things way too far. 



As is common for her set - she planned to end her set with an acoustic version of the song 'Alaska' ... prefacing it with a monologue that she has claimed is the 'most powerful part of her set'



But her words of “gratitude and growth and change” were interrupted by two jackholes, who thought it would be cool to shout “take your top off” followed by “you cute though.”


Maggie Rogers took to social media to address the situation, saying these men violated the “safe space” she creates in her concerts  ... followed by "There is no space for harassment or disrespect or degradation of any kind at my show"




Fans have taken to social media in force - showing support for the Easton, MD native: