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Joseph Announce Fall Tour Dates, Release First Single From Their New Album [LISTEN]



Big news this week from the Joseph camp ... 


Not only did they announce their new album “Good Luck, Kid” will be out September 13th on ATO Records (You can hear the new song, “Fighter” below … They also announced they will also be playing live again for the first time since 2018 … including a show at the 930 Club on October 2nd! (tickets on sales Thursday -7/11 - at 10a) 


You may or may not know - the band had been on a hiatus of sorts - and posted this message to Instagram on Monday:


By now you may have guessed... we have something for you tomorrow (today for some of you), July 9! You may also have noticed that we took a big break after our I’m Alone, No You’re Not record cycle. I needed it. And because I needed it, we all needed it. We needed a break. Time to sleep, to go out to drinks with friends, time to buy plants and water them, time to reset, to be with our close loved ones that we’d spent so much time away from, time to be away from each other and move to/live in three different states. The girls and I hadn’t really confronted the aches and pains of what this record cycle was internally by the time it ended. We were too close to it. The ice was too thin between the three of us. We didn’t want it to break. So, we took space. Lots of it. As conflict goes though, it didn’t take long for it to surface. ?


It was the end of March 2018. We had played a show in Seattle at the Fremont Abbey, one of the places this all began, and had a hometown show the following day in Portland at Revolution Hall. As younger sisters sometimes do, I broke the seal by saying a careless, snide comment to Nat, and though I wish I could take back what I said, looking back it had to happen. ?


To keep a long story short, lots of words were said...a minor car accident, someone hopping out of the car and running the last five blocks to our hotel, and the longest three hour drive of my life. I remember Nat clearly saying to me that day, “I can’t do this anymore. I won’t do this anymore. I will not be in this band if it’s going to keep being like this. I can’t.” ?


It was that day I decided to fight. Fight for us and not against us as though I was a victim of our life. I was focused on a life a thousand miles away and my sisters were asking me to come back. From that experience we wrote a song you can hear in the next 24 hours called Fighter. It’s a song looking you in the eye and asking you to come alive and fight. It’s asking you to wake up and make a choice to have presence for what and who is in front of you.?




Joseph - Fighter (Official Audio)