RNR News and Notes

Here's something you may not know - God's Favorite Customer -Josh Tillman aka Father John Misty - had a tracked rejected from the soundtrackfor the hit film A Star is Born starring Bradley Cooper and LAdy Gaga.  


FJM closed out a recent show in Minneapolis with the song .. and doesn't seem to bent out of shape about the song being cut from the soundtrack - bantering: 


“That would’ve sucked. There is no … I’ve seen that movie. There’s really no place in that movie for that song. Unless he was bombing at Coachella or something. The sequel? Now we’re talking.”



He adds that he will be adding the song to his sets ... so maybe we'll see FJM perform the song at Merriweather Post on Friday (June 21) 


Here's the FULL show - but you can skip to the  1:20:36 to watch his rejected A Star Is Born track


Father John Misty - Full concert live at the Armory in Minneapolis (The Current)