RNR News and Notes


When Radiohead released the 20th Anniversary of their classic album, OK Computer, it came with the expected assortment of B-sides and rarities - including the songs “Lift,” “I Promise,” and “Man Of War,” - that had previously only existed as live bootlegs. And the Radiohead world was happy 



But now, a new treasure trove of Radiohead magic has been unearted - as a user on the Radiohead subreddit has noted the 18 Minidiscs (yes - MINIdiscs) billed as the entire OK Computer sessions have leaked online.  The lead supposedly contians nearly 18 hours of demos, alternate takes, and early live recordings - including a previously unreleased version of “Lift,”


We're not going to post the link to the leaked audio .. but its out there ... we will post a 14 page memo that redditors have put together detailing what is on the tapes though ..


Things of note: 


The leak of Radiohead's OK Computer includes a "f*cking nuts" alternate version of "Lift" as well as early iterations of "Airbag", "The Tourist", and "Paranoid Android".


On disc three contains a session recording from a radio session in Maryland - most likely WHFS 


3:37 Motion Picture Soundtrack (electric guitar, solo Thom so far). According to redditor /u/EsotericCD, this is from the 4/10/96 “Just Passin’ Thru” radio session in Rockville, MD, but is a “FAR FAR better sounding version of it than the off-air recording we used to have.” Thanks for the ID!