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Private Artist Showcase Throwback - That Time Hozier Played St Anne's Parish [VIDEO]


Thanks to an astute listener (shout out to Katy Owings aka @ktkixit ) we were reminded that 5 years ago today - long before he was playing sold out arenas and theaters - we were taken to church - literally - by Hozier - for one of the most epic Private Artist Showcases. EVER.     


Here's a little walk down memory lane recalling that day - 


It was March of 2014 - and Bob Waugh had just returned from South By South West in Austin Texas.  In between drinking Tito's and eating tacos - he had a chance to see a young Irish singer song writer the name of Andrew Hozier-Byrne aka Hozier perform ... when he returned to home, Bob knew he had to get Hozier to come through Annapolis for a Private Artist Showcase - before his career skyrocketed. 


Bob also knew that this had to be a special showcase and since the song being played at the time was Take Me To Church - some calls were made - and the venue was booked - St. Anne's Parish in Downtown Annapolis.  


The day came and Hozier came to town and a small group of listeners were privy to a special 6 song performance ... not only did it make an impression on them - Hozier himself was impressed    


Now here are some details you may not know: 


Katie O'Malley - wife of then governor Martin O'Malley is a huge Hozier fan and was at the show.  Afterwards - she invited Hozier and the RNR staff back to the Governor's Mansion for a little after party.  After touring the house, sharing stories over a few Guinness - Governor Martin O'Malley and Hozier had a little jam session in the living room! 


We're not sure that we could ever recreate that day with Hozier now - but we can relive it through the amazing video footage provided by Sugar Farms Productions.  

Hozier: Take me to Church




Hozier: From Eden