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Bruce Springsteen Releases Scenic Video For New Single 'Hello Sunshine'

Well, you don't expect to hear these two names in the same sentence ... but Bruce Springsteen and Taylor swift both made waves today - each dropping new songs on the world at midnight.  We're not to concerned about Tay-Tay's track, but Bruce Springsteen's new single, “Hello Sunshine" is well worth the listen.


Springsteen himself doesn't appear in the video but it does feature an old car with New Jersey (of course) plates traveling through the desert.


Bruce says the new album, Western Stars, was inspired by 60s/70s California musicians like Burt Bacharach and Glen Campbell ... and the influence is very evident on “Hello Sunshine,” 


Says the Boss: 


“This record is a return to my solo recordings featuring character driven songs and sweeping, cinematic orchestral arrangements.  It’s a jewel box of a record.”

Can't wait to hear some more ... but for now - enjoy the first track


Bruce Springsteen - Hello Sunshine (Lyric Video)