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Fender Announces Game of Thrones Custom Guitars



There are plenty of free ways you can pledge your loyalty to one of the Houses on Game of Thrones  ... say by naming your children after one of the show's characters.  You could spend a few bucks and get a GoT tattoo ...


 - OR - 


You could plop down $25,000 and get one of the limited edition Fender Game of Thrones guitars!  The collection (see below) includes a House Targaryen stratocaster, a House Stark telecaster, and a House Lannister jaguar. 


Each guitar from the Sigil Collection is built to order through the Fender Custom Shop and draws: 

"inspiration from each house’s family sigil, costume designs, armor and weaponry, as well as each of their locations in Westeros, sparing no details" and has "ornate and unique features such as dragon scale carvings, custom engraved inlays, hand carved headstocks and gold-plated pickguards." 

Head here for info on placing your order :)