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Watch the trailer for Rocketman – the Elton John Bio-Pic that's expected to receive an R Rating


Dexter Fletcher received high praise for his Queen biopic - Bohemian Rhapsody - but was criticized for skimming over Freddie Mercry's addictions and sexuality.  


Fletcher's next project - Rocketman, which will be more of a musical than a typical bipoic - won't have that problem.  According to star Taron Egerton, the film will be an honest depiction of John's life.  


The film will dive into all of Elton John’s addictions.  After a screening of the film last week, NME’s Olly Richards wrote:

“In one scene, looking rather worse for wear, John says, ‘I’m an alcoholic, sex addict and probably a shopaholic.’ Egerton adds that the film begins with John entering rehab, then the film unfolds as he tells of how he ended up so broken.”



The film is due out May 31, 2019 - but you can check out the trailer below: