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Lucie Silvas Gets Real in 'Black Jeans' [Video Premiere]


Lucie Silvas has been making music for 15 years - but her latest album - E.G.O. caught our ears last summer - and we loved it so much - we had her perform on the final Rock N River Cruise of 2018.  


Lucie's back with a new single - Black Jeans - and has a message in the new video for the lush and retro-flavored pop single - 'just be yourself' ... check out the video below


She told Billboard


"It's just a girl at home, obviously, in hair rollers and a vintage-style nightgown, a bit of a throwback.  I appear in a blond wig, trying out a bunch of different persona, and it comes back to that very simple thing in the end, just being myself and being casual …even my mum used to say, 'Why don't you wear sparkly outfits onstage?' I don't want to wear sparkly outfits. This isn't Dancing With the Stars; it's me going out there and singing my songs. So this [video] is a way for me to say I can be dressed up or plain. I just want to wear what I'm wearing, and I don't care how I'm received. That's what the song is about."