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Portugal. The Man accuse The Jonas Brothers of ripping off 'Feel It Still'.


Fans of the Jonas Brothers rejoiced when their beloved band made a surprise return to music last week (Feb 28) with a new song called Sucker.  The song became an instant hit, with over 50 million youtube views and 20+ million streams.  


The only thing is - the song sounds exactly like another (much better) song that came out a few years ago - Portugal. The Man's Feel It Still.  And now Portugal. The Man are accusing the band of brios of ripping them off.  They've been retweeting their fans twitter accusations and even tweeted themselves: 


"To be fair, the chorus of Feel It Still sounds very similar to Please Mister Postman by the Marvellettes... Which we respectfully cleared and thanked them for every chance we got. As one does. @jonasbrothers"


And now - someone has taken the time to line up both songs together so you can hear the similarities ... take a listen below ... what do you think - did the Jonas Brothers rip off Portugal. The Man? 


Sucker/Feel It Still [Mashup] - Jonas Brothers & Portugal. The Man



Jonas Brothers - Sucker



Portugal. The Man - "Feel It Still" (Official Video)