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Hear 3 unreleased Green Day tracks from the band's earliest days [VIDEO]


Bay area pop punk band Green Day formed in 1986 and released their debut that year - 39/smooth ... since then - the band has released 11 more albums, sold 85 million of them, won 5 Grammy Awards, had an album adpated to a Broadway prodcution, and was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame ...


And now - thanks to the magic of the internet - we have live video recordings of three Green Day songs that were never releaed on albums ... 


  The songs pre-date the punk icons’ debut album ’39/Smooth’, and were recorded live at the band’s opening gig for Killdozer at Berkeley Square on July 22, 1989.


Check out ‘Stay’, ‘Maybe Forever’ and ‘Jennifer’ below.


Green Day - Stay (Live 7/22/1989)



Green Day - Maybe Forever (Live 7/22/1989)



Green Day - Unknown Song (Live 7/22/1989)