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There Goes My Hero - Dave Grohl Treats California Firehouse with a BBQ Dinner

As multiple wildfires burn in California, the state's brave first responders continue to put the lives and livelihoods of thousands of residents ahead of their own- battling the flames head on.   


We are all grateful for these brave men and women - but Dave Grohl took his appreciation to the next level (because of course he did... he's Dave freakin Grohl) by catering a BBQ dinner for the crew at Calabasas’ Fire Station 88.  He brought over some savory meats from his new BBQ company  - Backbeat BBQ




In other news - Dave Grohl is now in the BBQ Business. One has to wonder if the company's name is a nod to the movie Backbeat, who's soundtrack featured an allstar lineup including Dave on drums (and is one of the greatest  soundtracks ever