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Krist Novoselic's Message to Haters of the Quasi-Nirvana Reunion Without Kurt Cobain: 'We Tried to Get a Hold of Him'

So you may have heard - the remaining members of Nirvana (Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, and Krist Novoselic) got together onstage together over the weekend during a Foo Fighters show in Seattle ... along with some help from the other Foo Fighters - the supergroup performed Molly's Lips - a song by The Vaselines that Nirvana covered  (see video of the performance below) 


Well, like everything else these days - the internet wasn't ready for the guys to perform without Kurt Cobain... leaving comments like: 


“Gotta love how they make it sound like all twenty members of Wu Tang Clan reunited. The bass player showed up. One guy.”

“Doesn’t that sound stupid? ‘surviving members?’ Like they got into a car accident and Kurt didn’t make it?”


“I love the band but saying “surviving members” implies that either they were all in an accident or that half the band is gone. 1 of 3 doesn’t make the remaining ones “survivors” xD

Well, Krist was the king of the clap back - serving all the hatters with one hilarious tweet:



"We tried to get a hold of him for this gig—as many times as we tried to contact Kurt, we couldn't get through. The phone just kept ringing & ringing. Kurt does not have email. In fact I have never emailed him in my life and I have been online since 1993"






Here's a video of the performance: