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David Byrne Transforms The Anthem to Utopia [PICS, VIDEO, SETLIST]

“I dance like this because it feels so damn good...If I could dance better, well, you know that I would.”


Dance moves or not - David Byrne and his 11 piece ensemble blazed through an incredible set Saturday night at The Anthem  ... yes - they played Burning Down The House, as well as several other Talking Heads songs, an emotional cover of Janelle Monae's Hell You Talmbout, and other jams from Byrne's collaborations. 


Byrne claimed earlier this year that the tour was going to be his most ambitious since the Stop Making Sense shows (as well as his first solo tour since 2009).  Despite a minimalist stage setup - no amps, no cords, no shoes (!) - the show lived up to the hype and then some


Check out some pics, video, and setlist  of the show below ... if you missed this show or maybe you were there and want to see it again, David Byrne's bringing his American Utopia Tour back to our area - with a show at Merriweather Post on July 28th




David Byrne @ The Anthem - Full Setlist

1.  Here

2. Lazy

3. I Zimbra

4.  Slippery People

(Talking Heads)

5. I Should Watch TV

(David Byrne & St. Vincent)

6.  Dog's Mind

7.  Everybody's Coming to My House 

8. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

(Talking Heads)

9. Once in a Lifetime

(Talking Heads)

10. Doing the Right Thing 

11.  Toe Jam

(Brighton Port Authority)

12.  Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)

(Talking Heads)

13. I Dance Like This 

14. Bullet 

15. Everyday is a Miracle 

16.  Like Humans Do 

17. Blind 

(Talking Heads) 

18. Burning Down the House 

(Talking Heads)


Encore - 


19. Dancing Together 

20. The Great Curve 

(Talking Heads) 


Encore 2 


21. Hell You Talmbout

(Janelle Monae)






See more pics HERE