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Beck's Back In Town

Remember back in '94 when you thought you were bi-lingual cause you knew what 'soy un perdedor' meant?





Well, 13 studio albums, 38 videos, and 5 grammys later - 





BECK is back baby .. playing The Anthem in DC - 2 nights in a row!  


And we want YOU to be there - cause we got your back when it comes to BECK


Text RNR BECK to 49330 - like now - for a chance to win our tickets to see BECK on 4/26 * ! 


Plus - we'll hook one person up with a super excellent grand prize - 

Including - Super Premium seats to the show, a BECK coloring book and a stack of BECK vinyl - including Colors on 180g red vinyl. 



Still with us  - - we're also on a mission to get to get to 6,666 twitter followers ... and when we do - we'll get that follower a Devil's Haircut ... and maybe some tickets to the BECK concert 




*message and date rates apply