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Food + Fashion - This Spring's Hottest Style or An Elaborate Prank?

 Food and Fashion ... This spring's hottest combo meal?


This week we've gotten announcements of two collabs already - the first one - which kind of makes sense - Dunkin Donuts and shoe maker Saucony have teamed up to bring us these bad boys that will literally have America Running on Dunkin! 



The Saucony x Dunkin Kinvara 9's are on sale now!  


In a much odder pairing - online eye glass retailer Warby Parker and roast beef sandwich maker Arby's announced a collab this week as well ... not sure if this one is some sort of April Fools Prank or not - but the WARBY'S swag is pretty sweet and includes eye glass cleaning kits, shirts, bags, and of course - an onion ring monocle.  Want in on this - better get it here sooner than later - they are already selling out!