RNR News and Notes

We get excited for the Annapolis Film Festival every year, because we love when we can have no shame in binge watching movies for 3 straight days ...But this year, we're really excited for the fest - because one of our own is featured in one of the movies being screened - that's right Bob Waugh will make his big screen debut right here in Annapolis on Saturday March 24th, when 'New Wave: Dare to Be Different' , is shown at Maryland Hall!   The movie chronicles how a small independent radio station (sound familiar?) paved the way for bringing new indie rock to the masses!  


As a bonus - Bob Waugh and the film's director Ellen Goldfarb, will host a Q&A before the screening...and our friends Pressing Strings will perform after the movie.  You can purchase tickets HERE or - text RNR AFF to 49330 for a chance to win 2 tickets !