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'New Wave: Dare to Be Different' - How one radio station changed the airwaves forever

We get excited for the Annapolis Film Festival every year, because we love when we can have no shame in binge watching movies for 3 straight days ...But this year, we're really excited for the fest - because one of our own is featured in one of the movies being screened - that's right Bob Waugh will make his big screen debut right here in Annapolis on Saturday March 24th, when 'New Wave: Dare to Be Different' , is shown at Maryland Hall!   The movie chronicles how a small independent radio station (sound familiar?) paved the way for bringing new indie rock to the masses!  


As a bonus - Bob Waugh and the film's director Ellen Goldfarb, will host a Q&A before the screening...and our friends Pressing Strings will perform after the movie.  You can purchase tickets HERE or - text RNR AFF to 49330 for a chance to win 2 tickets !