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Capt. Conor's St. Patrick's Day Playlist

With St. Patrick’s Day upon us – we’ve called upon our resident Irishman, Conor Kelly, to build us a playlist of his top hits from the Emerald Isle … so just here’s a mini playlist to fire up while you’re sipping some Guinness … or a  green bud lite -  




1.)  U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday


I mean, come on - this is a given, U2 is one of the most prolific rock bands in the past 40 years  EVER.  They’re incredible, live and recorded. They started out in the 80’s with memorable albums like War and Joshua Tree, and haven’t slowed down since.  With over 20 Grammys to their name, I don’t think Bono or Edge’s edgy guitar will stop anytime




2.)  Van Morrison – Moondance

Sir Morrison deserved to be #2 on this list for sure.  His jazz infused rock songs also have a soulful sound to them that make his songs so memorable. In addition to “Moondance” – there’s classics like “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Into the Mystic” are just a few of his legendary songs. His iconic albums include Astral Weeks, Into the Music and Tupelo Honey stay on repeat in the Kelly house. 



3.)  The Cranberries- Zombie

A huge hit in the 90s, The Cranberries have been a part of a rare club of Irish musicians who have topped the U.S. music charts.  R.I.P Dolores O’Riordan, with your howlin’ voice and unforgettable presence on stage, you will be missed for sure.




4.) Rory Gallagher – Bullfrog Blues

Jimi Hendrix once called him the best guitarist in the world, enough said.  Just watch this live performance of “Bullfrog Blues” by him and argue that.



5.) The Pogues – If I Should Fall From Grace With God 

With their Irish folk infused with their punk swag sound, The Pogues a huge influence in Ireland and will always be legends in the Irish eyes.  Just come to one of my family reunions. But everyone in my family has better teeth than Shane MacGowan.  Some of the wildest times in my life were while seeing them live in concert