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Relive Foo Fighters 2005 Roswell Concert on 'Storm Area 51 Day' [VIDEO]



Back in 2005 - way before someone decided that it would be a good idea to storm Area 51 and break the aliens out of the base - Foo Fighters played a concert at the shuttered Walker Air Force Base in Roswell, New Mexico.  



The band released audio of the show which you can enjoy today - instead of getting arrested for trying to sneak into Area 51 





We were also able to unearth some (2005 quality) video of the show as well ... look at baby Dave Grohl! 


Foo Fighters @ Roswell (2005) [Webcast]



Sexy Mister Rogers Halloween costume proves nothing is sacred

Lingerie company Yandy is no stranger to making the mundane sexy when it comes to Halloween costumes .... but their latest outfit is causing quite the uproar in the neighborhood 


New for 2019, the company rolled out the 'Nicest Neighbor' costume - yes - you can dress as a sexy Mr. Rogers ... and possibly ruin someone's childhood memories - this Halloween for only $59.95  




Yandy is no stranger to making strangely sexy Halloween costumes, other costumes you can get include: 


Sexy Veggie Burger

Sexy Bob Ross 

Sexy Tariff 

And of course - Sexy Fake News 



The company caused quite the stir last year as well - with their sexy ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Halloween costume: 




You can now stream audio from The White Stripes' final concert

I can’t even tell you how much it means for me to be here tonight…so I’m not even gonna bother” 

-Jack White, July 31st, 2007


The White Stripes officially called it quits in 2011. However, Jack and Meg White played their final show four years prior on July 31, 2007 in Mississippi at the Snowden Grove Amphitheatre.  


The two rampaged through a 24 song set, including “Icky Thump”, “As Ugly As I Seem”, “Wasting My Time”, “John the Revelator”, and “Death Letter”.


Now, audio footage from that last concert has finally made its way online and is available to stream and download via nugs.net



The garage rock duo ended the evening — and ultimately their live performance history — with Leadbelly’s traditional blues song “Boll Weevil”.


The White Stripes - Ballad of the Boll Weevil





Most people weren’t aware this would be the final show for The White Stripes. Third Man Records’ Ben Blackwell, who also serves as an archivist for The White Stripes, and played drums for the opening band that night - Dan Sartain - found out only minutes before Jack and Meg took hit the stage that evening.


Blackwell recalls

“Meg said to me, ‘I think this is the last White Stripes show.’ Confused, I responded ‘Well, yeah, last show of this leg of the tour.’ She replied ‘No… I think this is the last White Stripes show ever,’ and slowly walked away.”


Blackwell  also notes what Jack White said to the crowd after their performance: 


“I can’t believe how long it has taken us to get here,” White told the crowd, according to Blackwell. “Thanks for waiting. Thanks for coming. Thanks for buying our records. Thanks for buying a ticket. We love you very much. Thank you. God bless you, Son House. God bless you, Robert Johnson. Thank you so much.”.




The White Stripes debut album recently celebrated its 20th anniversary ... and rumor has it that Jack and Meg hung out together at The Raconteurs show in Detroit ... so could a reunion be in the works? 


The White Stripes

Snowden Grove Amphitheater, Southaven, MS


Stop Breaking Down 

Let's Build A Home 

When I Hear My Name 

Icky Thump 

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

As Ugly As I Seem

The Same Boy You've Always Known 

Wasting My Time

Phonograph Blues 


John The Revelator 

Death Letter 


Apple Blossom 

You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told) 

In The Cold, Cold Night 

I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart 

Hotel Yorba

A Martyr For My Love For You 

Ball And Biscuit



300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues 

Blue Orchid

I'm Slowly Turning Into You 

Boll Weevil







Rare Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash recordings unearthed, to be released as the next Bootleg Series installment

Back in 1969 - Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan met up in Nashville and spent two days holed up in Columbia Studios for a loose, free-flowing session of jams, covers like “You Are My Sunshine” and even wrote the the tune “Wanted Man”  - Cash would debut the song one week later at his famed San Quentin prison show.


Much of the material from these sessions though was never released - besides the duet “Girl From the North Country”, which appeared on Bob Dylan’s LP Nashville Skyline


Until now ... on November 1, 2019 Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series will release  Bob Dylan (Featuring Johnny Cash) — Travelin’ Thru, 1967–1969: The Bootleg Series Vol. 15- a three-CD package - with  a disc-and-a-half dedicated to the legendary Johnny Cash session


Below check out “I Pity the Poor Immigrant” from the John Wesley Harding sessions - which will be featured on Disc 1 of the release 


According to the Dylan camp - 

“Besides the very early folk years, you don’t have Bob playing with a lot of other major stars up until this point in his career. Here you have him doing duets with Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Earl Scruggs. It’s a really deep dive into some of the music that he loves and just a really cool package. I think people will come away from it enchanted by the breadth of his catalog."


Bob Dylan and his band will also hit the road this fall - with a show at the University of Maryland Baltimore County Events center on November 12, 2019 




Bob Dylan - I Pity The Poor Immigrant (Take 4) (Audio)



Bob Dylan (Featuring Johnny Cash) — Travelin’ Thru, 1967–1969: The Bootleg Series Vol. 15 Tracklist:




October 17, 1967
Columbia Studio A, Nashville, TN

John Wesley Harding sessions

01. Drifter’s Escape – Take 1 (Alternate Version)
02. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine – Take 2 (Alternate Version)


November 6, 1967
Columbia Studio A, Nashville, TN

John Wesley Harding sessions

03. All Along the Watchtower – Take 3 (Alternate Version)
04. John Wesley Harding – Take 1 (Alternate Version)
05. As I Went Out One Morning – Take 1 (Alternate Version)
06. I Pity the Poor Immigrant – Take 4 (Alternate Version)
07. I Am a Lonesome Hobo – Take 4 (Alternate Version)


Bob Dylan: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Charlie McCoy: bass
Kenneth Buttrey: drums


February 13, 1969
Columbia Studio A, Nashville, TN
Nashville Skyline sessions

08. I Threw It All Away – Take 1 (Alternate Version)
09. To Be Alone with You – Take 1 (Alternate Version)
10. Lay Lady Lay – Take 2 (Alternate Version)
11. One More Night – Take 2 (Alternate Version)
12. Western Road – Take 1 (Outtake)


February 14, 1969
Columbia Studio A, Nashville, TN
Nashville Skyline sessions

13. Peggy Day – Take 1 (Alternate Version)
14. Tell Me That It Isn’t True – Take 2 (Alternate Version)
15. Country Pie – Take 2 (Alternate Version)


Bob Dylan – vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica
Kelton D. Herston, Norman Blake, Charlie Daniels, Wayne Moss (10 & 12): guitars
Bob Wilson: piano, organ
Peter Drake: steel guitar (13-15)
Charlie McCoy: bass
Kenneth Buttrey: drums




February 17, 1969
Columbia Studio A, Nashville, TN
The Dylan-Cash Sessions

01. I Still Miss Someone – Take 5
02. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right/Understand Your Man – Rehearsal

February 18, 1969

Columbia Studio A, Nashville, TN
The Dylan-Cash Sessions

03. One Too Many Mornings – Take 3
04. Mountain Dew – Take 1
05. Mountain Dew – Take 2
06. I Still Miss Someone – Take 2
07. Careless Love – Take 1
08. Matchbox – Take 1
09. That’s All Right, Mama – Take 1
10. Mystery Train/This Train Is Bound for Glory – Take 1
11. Big River – Take 1
12. Girl from the North Country – Rehearsal
13. Girl from the North Country – Take 1
14. I Walk the Line – Take 2
15. Guess Things Happen That Way – Rehearsal
16. Guess Things Happen That Way – Take 3
17. Five Feet High and Rising – Take 1
18. You Are My Sunshine – Take 1
19. Ring of Fire – Take 1




February 18, 1969
Columbia Studio A, Nashville, TN
The Dylan-Cash Sessions

01. Studio Chatter
02. Wanted Man – Take 1
03. Amen – Rehearsal
04. Just a Closer Walk with Thee – Take 1
05. Jimmie Rodgers Medley No. 1 – Take 1

Based on Blue Yodel No. 1 (T for Texas), The Brakeman’s Blues (Yodeling the Blues Away), and Blue Yodel No. 5 (It’s Raining Here) written by Jimmie Rodgers
06. Jimmie Rodgers Medley No. 2 – Take 2
Based on Waiting for a Train, The Brakeman’s Blues (Yodeling the Blues Away), and Blue Yodel No. 1 (T For Texas) written by Jimmie Rodgers


Bob Dylan: vocals, guitar
Johnny Cash: vocals, guitar
Carl Perkins: guitar (08, 10, 02, 04-06)
Bob Wootton: guitar
Marshall Grant: bass
W.S. Holland: drums


May 1, 1969

Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN
Live on The Johnny Cash Show
Originally broadcast on ABC-TV, June 7, 1969

07. I Threw It All Away
08. Living the Blues
09. Girl from the North Country


Bob Dylan: vocals, guitar
Johnny Cash: vocals, guitar (09)
Norman Blake and Charlie Daniels: guitars
Peter Drake: steel guitar
Bob Wilson: piano
Charlie McCoy: bass
Kenneth Buttrey: drums


May 3, 1969
Columbia Studio A, Nashville, TN
Self Portrait sessions

10. Ring of Fire (Outtake)
11. Folsom Prison Blues (Outtake)


Bob Dylan: vocals, guitar
Fred F. Carter, Norman Blake: guitars
Charlie Daniels: guitar (11), bass (10)
Bob Wilson: piano
Peter Drake: steel guitar
Charlie McCoy: harmonica (10), bass (11)
Kenneth Buttrey: drums
Delores Edgin and Dottie Dillard: background vocals


May 17, 1970

The Home of Thomas B. Allen, Carmel, New York
With Earl Scruggs
12. Earl Scruggs Interview
13. East Virginia Blues
14. To Be Alone with You
15. Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance
16. Nashville Skyline Rag


Bob Dylan: vocals, guitar
Earl Scruggs: banjo
Randy Scruggs: acoustic guitar
Gary Scruggs: electric bass


The Navy Confirms UFOs in Tom DeLonge's Videos Are Real!


Are aliens real?  We may not know ... but the US Navy is admitting that ther are some unidentified objects violating US airspace.  


Former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge, and co-founder of the UFO research organization To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science - released footage of possible UFOs to the New York Times in 2017 ... and now, in an interview with Motherboard, Navy spokesperson Joseph Gradisher admits that “the Navy considers the phenomena contained/depicted in [the] 3 videos [that DeLonge made public] as unidentified.”


So maybe we do need to Raid Area 51 and see them aliens? 

Go Fast: Official USG Footage of UAP for Public Release


Watch Middle Kids And Kasey Chambers Amazing Cover Of A Coldplay Classic


Not only did we learn today that (a) Coldplay are not in fact broken up, (b) they will be releasing 2 new albums in the coming months and (c) they will have a new song for us in a few days  -  we also got a video of Middle Kids and Kacey Chambers covering the Coldplay classic song Yellow.  


The performance comes from The Set  - a TV series on ABC in Australia that features three musical acts performing and chatting with the hosts ... on this cover - Middle Kids and Chambers are joined by Adrian Eagle - and put a unique twist on the song - complete with some banjo! 


Middle Kids, Kasey Chambers, Adrian Eagle cover Coldplay 'Yellow' live on The Set




Jason Isbell Ends Set With An Amazing Jimi Hendix Cover [WATCH]




Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit performed at Port Chester, New York's Capitol Theatre over the weekend ... while they performed the set list included the bands staples - including "Maybe It's Time" - the song written for the movie A Star Is Born  ... they also included 2 covers - Fleetwood Mac's Oh Well and Jimi Hendrix's Little Wing 


Check out some fan captured video of the Hendrix cover and the set list below 


Little Wing - Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit September 14, 2019




Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit at Capitol Theatre

Sep 14, 2019 // Port Chester, NY


  • Anxiety
  • Hope the High Road
  • 24 Frames  
  • Overseas
  • Last of My Kind
  • Outfit  
  • White Man's World
  • Decoration Day  
  • Tupelo
  • If We Were Vampires
  • Tour of Duty
  • Live Oak  
  • Stockholm  
  • Flying Over Water  
  • Cover Me Up  
  • Super 8  
  • Little Wing  
  • Maybe It's Time (From A Star Is Born)
  • Oh Well  


10 Essential Albums Ric Ocasek Produced for Other Artists

Richard Theodore Otcasek, known as Ric Ocasek, may have been best known for his work with his band - The Cars - but what you may not know is that he was the producer for some amazing albums. 


From punk pioneers Bad Brains to garage rockers Weezer  - Ocasek has production credits on some pretty incredible albums.  


Here's 10 of our favorite  albums Ocasek was behind the boards for: 


Weezer, Weezer (Blue Album) (1994)



Ric Ocasek was responsible for getting Weezer out of the bar scene and into the mainstream


Weezer - Buddy Holly (Official Music Video)



No Doubt, Rock Steady (2001)



The band's 5th album had many musical influences -including electropop, dancehall, and new wave and was named to Rolling Stones 2013 list of the top 500 albums of all time 


No Doubt - Hey Baby (Official Music Video)




Guided by Voices, Do the Collapse (1999)



The band's 11th album saw them go from a lo-fi style to a more polished sound with Ric at the board 


Guided By Voices - Teenage FBI



Romeo Void, Benefactor  (1982)



The band's second album coined the unforgettable phrase - 'I Might Like You Better If We Slept Together'


Romeo Void - Never Say Never (Official Video)



Nada Surf, High/Low (1996)



After the single - Popular - one might have thought this band would be a one hit wonder - but 13 years later - they are still at it 


Nada Surf Popular




Le Tigre, This Island (2004) 



Ocasek dove into the world of dance punk with riot grrrl legend Kathleen Hanna's new project 


Le Tigre - TKO


Weezer, Weezer (Green Album) (2001)



After the disappointing reception of their sophomore album (just don't REAL Weezer fans that lol), the band brought Ric back for their third album


Weezer - Island In The Sun (Official Music Video)




Bad Religion, The Gray Race (1996) 



The album contains some die hard fan's favorites, such as, "Them And Us", "A Walk", "Punk Rock Song", "Spirit Shine", Ten in 2010", "Come Join Us", and "Cease".


Bad Religion - A Walk



Bad Brains, Rock for Light (1983)



The DC punk legend's second album was included on Kurt Cobain's top 50 albums of all time. 


Bad Brains - Rock For Light



Jonathan Richman, I’m So Confused (1998)



The Modern Lovers frontman brought in Ric for his 1998 album 


Jonathan Richman - I'm So Confused




Your Friday the 13th Full Moon Playlist

A nationwide Friday the 13th full moon hasn't happened since Oct. 13, 2000, and won't happen again until Aug. 13, 2049


So sit back, enjoy the view with this specially curated soundtrack from your friends at RNR ! 




Jeff Goldblum's new LP features Sharon Van Etten, Fiona Apple & more (LISTEN)


Actor / lounge singer Jeff Goldblum's jazz band the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra has announced they'll be releasing -  I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This - a follow up to their debut album, The Capitol Studio Sessions, later this year  ... and the list of collaborators on the album is pretty impressive.  The first single, from the 1936 musical Follow the Fleet - “Let’s Face The Music And Dance,” features Sharon Van Etten: 




Van Etteen performed with Jeff Goldblum at this year’s Glastonbury Festival



Other collaborators include Fiona Apple, on Frank Sinatra's “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me;” Anna Calvi, on a mash-up of Wes Montgomery’s “Four on Six” and Marianne Faithful’s “Broken English;”  Inara George (The Bird & The Bee),  for Sonny & Cher’s “The Beat Goes On;” and LA jazz singer Gina Saputo, on Dick Jurgens and Eddy Howard’s track “If I Knew Then.” 



Here's the list of the 50 Most Valuable Vinyl Records on Earth

The record resurgence is here ...while it may still be a streaming world - vinyl sales are set to surpass CD sales this year, according to the Recording Industry Association of America - who noted that vinyl sales are up 13% compared to last year.  


To coincide with the boom, an Australian Insurance company partnered with Record Collector magazine to come up with a list of the 50 most valuable vinyl records worldwide.


The list has the usual suspects - plenty of The Beatles, Queen, Elvis Presley ... but its the The Quarrymen, an early incarnation of the Beatles consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, as well as pianist John Lowe and drummer Colin Hanton, top the list.  If you can get your hands on a copy of  their 1958 demo recording of Buddy Holly’s “That’ll Be the Day" - you could have a $350,000 record on your hands.


Here's the full list ... go check your collection to see you have any of these laying around! 




50. Steel City Connection – Dansation / Steel City Disco ($885)
49. Thrillers/Delta Cats – Last Dance / Unworthy Baby ($1,770)
48. The Velvet Underground & Nico – The Velvet Underground & Nico ($1,770)
47. Terea – Terea ($1,770)
46. Nirvana – Love Buzz / Big Cheese ($3,097.50)
45. World’s Experience Orchestra – The Beginning Of A New Birth ($3,540)
44. Tudor Lodge – Tudor Lodge ($3,540)
43. The Smiths – Hand In Glove / Handsome Devil ($3,540)
42. Stonewall – Stonewall ($3,540)
41. Pink Floyd – The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn ($3,540)
40. Nicholas Greenwood – Cold Cuts ($3,540)
39. Charlie Parker – Bird Blows The Blues ($3,540)
38. Brute Force – King Of Fuh / Nobody Knows ($3,540)
37. U2 – Three ($3,540)
36. Sun Ra – Super-Sonic Jazz ($4,425)
35. Madonna – Erotica ($4,425)
34. Prince – The Black Album ($5,310)
33. Michael Garrick Trio – Moonscape ($5,310)
32. Leonid Kogan and Elisabeth Gilels – Sonatas For Two Violins ($5,310)
31. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin ($5,310)
30. Leaf Hound – Growers Of Mushroom ($5,310)
29. John Lennon and Yoko Ono – Unfinished Music No. 1. Two Virgins ($5,310)
28. Genesis – The Silent Sun / That’s Me! ($5,310)
27. Folkal Point – Folkal Point ($5,310)
26. Arthur Verocai – Arthur Verocai ($5,310)
25. Robert Johnson – I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom / Dead Shrimp Blues ($6,195)
24. Various – Our First Four ($7,080)
23. Sonny Clark – Cool Struttin’ ($7,080)
22. Lula Cortes e Ze Ramalho – Paebiru ($7,080)
21. Jutta Hipp – Jutta Hipp With Zoot Sims ($7,080)
20. Complex – Complex ($7,080)
19. Margarita Madrigal – Madrigal’s Magic Key To Spanish Volume 1 and 2 ($7,080)
18. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody / I’m In Love With My Car ($7,965)
17. Olivia Newton-John – Xanadu ($8,850)
16. Hank Mobley – Hank Mobley ($8,850)
15. Charley Patton – Pony Blues / Banty Rooster Blues ($8,850)
14. Billy Nicholls – Would You Believe ($8,850)
13. The Beatles – Please Please Me ($10,620)
12. The Beatles – Introducing The Beatles ($12,390)
11. Elvis Presley – That’s All Right / Blue Moon Of Kentucky ($12,390)
10. The Rolling Stones – Street Fighting Man / No Expectations ($14,160)
09. The Beatles – Yesterday And Today ($14,160)
08. Junior McCants – Try Me For Your New Love / She Wrote It I Read It ($15,930)
07. The Beatles – The Beatles (White Album) ($17,700)
06. Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen / No Feelings ($17,700)
05. Dark – Dark Round The Edges ($17,700)
04. Darrell Banks – Open The Door To Your Heart / Our Love (Is In The Pocket) ($26,550)
03. Frank Wilson – Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) / Sweeter As The Days Go By ($44,250)
02. The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band ($123,900)
01. The Quarrymen – That’ll Be The Day / In Spite Of All The Danger ($354,000)


Prince Estate announces massive reissue of the Purple One's classic album - 1999


Let's get delirious - The Prince Estate and Warner Bros Records have announced a massive reissue of the 1982 album, 1999 (due out Nov. 29).  The reissue will include a remastered version of the album (for the first time ever) and an 35 previously unreleased tracks! 




There will be three different versions of the release -  the remastered album, (available on 2LP 180g Purple vinyl, CD, and all streaming platforms) plus two Deluxe editions. A standard Deluxe version - including the additional tracks on  2 CDs or four LPS ... and then there is a Super Deluxe Edition




The Super Deluxe Edition has all the audio Prince officially released in and around 1982, 23 previously unissued studio tracks recorded between November 1981 and January 1983, and a complete live performance of the 1999 tour recorded in Detroit, MI on November 30th, 1982. What’s more, both sets include a DVD of his Houston, TX show on December 29th, 1982. 


That’s not all, though. The set will also include Prince’s previously unseen handwritten lyrics for several songs from the era, including “Little Red Corvette”, alongside rare photography from Prince’s early ‘80s photographer, Allen Beaulieu. Rolling Stone critic David Fricke, Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, radio host Andrea Swensson, and Prince scholar Duane Tudahl penned new liner notes.




1999 Reissue Tracklist:


Disc 1 – 1999 Remastered Album:
01. 1999
02. Little Red Corvette
03. Delirious
04. Let’s Pretend We’re Married
05. D.M.S.R.
06. Automatic
07. Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)
08. Free
09. Lady Cab Driver
10. All The Critics Love U In New York
11. International Lover


Disc 2 – Promo Mixes & B-Sides:
01. 1999 (7″ stereo edit)
02. 1999 (7″ mono promo-only edit)
03. Free (promo-only edit)
04. How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore (“1999″ b-side)
05. Little Red Corvette (7″ edit)
06. All The Critics Love U In New York (7” edit)
07. Lady Cab Driver (7″ edit)
08. Little Red Corvette (Dance Remix promo-only edit)
09. Little Red Corvette (Special Dance Mix)
10. Delirious (7” edit)
11. Horny Toad (“Delirious” b-side)
12. Automatic (7″ edit)
13. Automatic (video version)
14. Let’s Pretend We’re Married (7″ edit)
15. Let’s Pretend We’re Married (7″ mono promo-only edit)
16. Irresistible Bitch (“Let’s Pretend We’re Married” b-side)
17. Let’s Pretend We’re Married (video version)
18. D.M.S.R. (edit)


Disc 3 – Vault, Part 1:
01. Feel U Up
02. Irresistible Bitch
03. Money Don’t Grow On Trees
04. Vagina
05. Rearrange
06. Bold Generation
07. Colleen
08. International Lover (Take 1, live in studio)
09. Turn It Up
10. You’re All I Want
11. Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) (Original Version)
12. If It’ll Make U Happy
13. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore? (Take 2, live in studio)


Disc 4 – Vault, Part 2:
1 Possessed (1982 version)
2 Delirious (full length)
3 Purple Music
4 Yah, You Know
5 Moonbeam Levels **
6 No Call U
7 Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got
8 Do Yourself A Favor
9 Don’t Let Him Fool Ya
10 Teacher, Teacher
11 Lady Cab Driver / I Wanna Be Your Lover / Head / Little Red Corvette (tour demo)

** released on the 2016 compilation, 4Ever


Disc 5 – Live In Detroit – November 30, 1982 (Midnight Show)
01. Controversy
02. Let’s Work
03. Little Red Corvette
04. Do Me, Baby
05. Head
06. Uptown
07. Interlude
08. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?
09. Automatic
10. International Lover
11. 1999
12. D.M.S.R.


DVD: Live In Houston – December 29, 1982:
01. Controversy
02. Let’s Work
03. Do Me, Baby
04. D.M.S.R.
05. Interlude – piano improvisation (contains elements of “With You”)
06. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?
07. Lady Cab Driver
08. Automatic
09. International Lover
10. 1999
11. Head (contains elements of “Sexuality”)


25 years ago today: The Green Day riot at Boston's Hatch Shell [VIDEO]

25 years ago today (September 9, 1994) - Boston radio station WFNX wanted to welcome back college students with a free concert at the city's Hatch Shell concert venue.  


The show didn't quite go as expected ... with 65,000 people showing up.  Things got out of control early and often .. The band asked the crowd to calm down which 'helped' but a few songs into their set -  the crowd went haywire  - ripping up flower gardens (this was just a few months after their Woodstock 94 mud fight) and  throwing Snapple bottles at the stage (this is why you don't let sponsors hand out free glass bottles of iced tea at concerts ).


The show was cut off when lead singer, Billy Joe Armstrong, joined in the melee  and jumped off the stage and tore up flowers himself. 


Its amazing the band was ever allowed back in Boston ! 


Full GREEN DAY segment from WE WANT THE AIRWAVES(The Riot Gig)




The New Pornographers release video for 'Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile', announce additional DC show

The New Pornographers have debuted a new video for “Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile” - the first single taken from the group’s new album, In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights (due out September 27) 


Frontman and songwriter A.C. Newman said of the song:  

“There are so many songs like ‘the something of love’—you know, there’s ‘The Book of Love,’ ‘The Freeway of Love’...Then I thought of ‘falling down the stairs of your love,’ and I thought, that kind of works. I think it has that element of how do you deal with the ideas of love and happiness in this world right now? When current events are stressful, that makes a stress on people’s relationships, and you’re trying to figure out how to be happy in this loving relationship in this world that seems ugly at every turn, which is not as easy as it seems. Of course, ‘love’ ultimately morphed into ‘smile,’ but I like the metaphor of love as something that you fall down.”

The band is set to tour North America this fall in support of the new record, including two DC dates - a sold out show at the 930 Club on November 5 and a show at The Lincoln Theatre on November 6



The New Pornographers - Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile (Official Music Video)


Muse announce release date and contents of epic 'Origin of Muse' box set

Brittish rock outfit MUSE have announced a massive box set to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of their debut album - Showbiz



The box set - titled Origin of Muse, is due out December 6 - and will contain:

- 2xLP reissue of 1999’s Showbiz

- 2xLP reissue of Origin of Symmetry 

-9 (!) CDs of demos, live recordings, and B-sides 

-a a book of interviews reflecting on the band's beginnings! 


Check out a full gallery of photos from MUSE's DC concert HERE




Muse - Starlight [LIVE 04.02.19]






Did The Strokes just confirm new album is finished and currently being mixed?

A booking ageng recently leaked that The Strokes had a new album on the way - but now Nick Valensi has all but confirmed that a new album is finished and currently being mixed. 


Valensi was asked by a radio host about the new album's status, claiming he “heard that the new Strokes album is finished and that you are mixing." 


Valensi's response - “Wow you heard that? Well, it must be true.”


If true - this will be the first new release from The Strokes since 2016's Future Past Present. 


Check out the video from the interview  that was reposted from Strokes front man - Julian Casablancass 




SHAED's stock continues to rise after this amazing perfomance on Kimmel [WATCH]


They may have taken the world by storm ... but we still claim Shaed as our own :) 


The electropop trio has gone from performing at Middleton's, to the WRNR Holistic Health Fair, to a WRNR Private Artist Showcase - to performing  on Jimmy Kimmel - complete with a stage show straight out of Caesars Palace .. 


Check out the band's performances of Trampoline and Thunder below 


The band returns to DC for a show at the 930 Club on October 10 ... tix available HERE


Shaed - Trampoline




Shaed - Thunder








The Raconteurs aka The Backonteurs explain their 10-Year Break / Perform on Fallon [WATCH]


Before performing with their band, The RaconteursJack White and Brendan Benson sat down with Jimmy Fallon and discussed their 10 year hiatus, the unique techniques used to mix the new album, and how Brendan mistook Jack for a woman the night they met 


Jack White and Brendan Benson Explain The Raconteurs' 10-Year Break


The Raconteurs: Shine the Light on Me





The Raconteurs: Only Child






Lana Del Rey releases new album, immediately teases new music and collaborations

Less than a week after releasing her sixth studio album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, Lana Del Rey is already talking about a new album that she’s planning to call White Hot Forever.


In an interview, LDR said “I feel like it probably will be a surprise release sometime within the next 12 or 13 months.” 


LDR didn't work with a lot of collaborators on her latest release - NFR - which is a change - as she worked with the Weeknd, Stevie Nicks, A$AP Rocky, and Max Martin on her previous album.  


But in an exchange that didn't make it to the Times article - LDR talked about potential collaborators on the next album, including the National lead singer Matt Berninger and Joan Baez .. speaking of Berninger she remarked - "Well, I really like the National. His voice, I think about it… a lot.”




Oh my ...


Not sure what collab we'd rather see ... LDR with Matt or Joan 


LDR Del Rey also says she’s involved in the the music for a new version of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland:


“It’s more about the story of the author and the real-life Alice back in Cambridge. I have to learn a lot more about it, but the songs are really sweet.”


For now - we can enjoy  Norman Fucking Rockwell  and its haunting cover (and larger than life video) of Sublime's Doin Time 


Lana Del Rey - Doin’ Time (Official Video)









Watch The Cure's Jam Packed Pasadena Daydream Set [VIDEO]


Despite temperatures in the triple digits - which don't bode well with goths - The Cure's Pasadena Daydream Festival took place over the weekend, with sets sets from Pixies, Deftones, Mogwai, Throwing Muses, The Joy Formidable, Chelsea Wolfe, The Twilight Sad, Emma Ruth Rundle, Kaelan Mikla, and of course - The Cure.  


In addition to donating $1 from every festival ticket sold to the charities Free Arts for Abused Children, Inner-City Arts, Little Kids Rock, Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation and The Painted Turtle, Robert Smith autographed one of his signature Schecter UltraCure guitars he played at the festival and donated it to a charity auction


While The Cure didn't play Disintegration in full, they did play a jam packed set, including renditions of  “Plainsong,” “Pictures of You,” “High,” “Lovesong,” “Fascination Street,” “Push,” “In Between Days,” “Just Like Heaven,” “A Forest,” “Primary,” “The Caterpillar,” “The Walk,” “Friday I’m In Love,” “Close to Me,” “Why Can’t I Be You,” “Boys Don’t Cry”

Among the fans in attendance was one Lady Gaga - who can be seen dancing in the fan shot video below - and commented “I love the Cure, felt my old self come alive tonight, what a show.”


The Cure - PASADENA DAYDREAM - FULL SHOW @ Pasadena 08-31-19



The Cure @ Pasadena Daydream 8/31/2019



Pictures of You
A Night Like This
Just One Kiss (first time live in the US)
Last Dance
Fascination Street
Never Enough
In Between Days
Just Like Heaven
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
Play for Today
A Forest
Shake Dog Shake


The Caterpillar
The Walk
Friday I’m in Love
Close to Me
Why Can’t I Be You?
Boys Don’t Cry



Kurt Cobain's Pre-'Nevermind' Royalty Check Surfaces Online, Reveals How Much Money He Was Paid


Seattle's Easy Street Records,  recently came across some super rare / never-before-seen rock and roll memorabilia - Kurt Cobain's first royalty check! 


The check was only for $26.57 - and issued just 6 months before Nirvana's sophomore album, Nevermind, would change the rock and roll world. 


It is still a little unclear as to how the check ended up at the store - but Easy Street Records’ owner Matt Vaughan had this to say about the paycheck:   


“We just found it… or should say noticed it. We looked through em a little, but just put ’em in storage. Seemed like every band in Seattle had tour itinerary books… [between] girlfriends, roadies, management, sound companies, [it] wasn’t uncommon to run across one. [It] was a smaller town then.”


Pictures of the check were posted to the store's Instagram account with the caption:


“Royalty check found at Easy Street today. #kurtcobain@nirvana This is dated 03/06/91, 6 months before #nevermind would change the face of the planet.We’re guessing the next royalty checks were a bit larger than only…. $26.57″



Jack White's Warm Up Routine - Jamming to Jay Z's 99 Problems

Bands have different ways of preparing for shows ... and apparently Jack White likes to do a little back stage jamming to ... Jay Z! 


Prior to their first of show at Nashville's famed Ryman Auditorium - which are being streamed live via nugs.tv - Jack was caught on camera jamming along to Jigga  






Jack backstage last night to Jay Z's "99 Problems" from r/jackwhite


Jack's no stranger to Jay ... back in 2014 he mashed up The Black Album track with his own “Icky Thump”  



Watch Nirvana's 1993 'Live And Loud' Seattle Show

Nirvana fans - turn your speakers up ... because the band has just uploaded their  Live and Loud, a 1993 concert filmed at Pier 48 in Seattle, to YouTube. 


The footage was originally broadcast on MTV (remember when they used to play music?), and a live recording was later released as part of the 20th anniversary of In Utero.  


The show - featuring the band’s final touring lineup of Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl, and Pat Smear - has also been released on vinyl and digitally, and is available here


But becuase the internet is so easy - you can check out  (most of) the show via YouTube below  ... the band didn't upload the cover of “The Man Who Sold the World” :/ 



Nirvana - Live and Loud



ive and Loud Tracklist:
01. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
02. Drain You
03. Breed
04. Serve The Servants
05. Rape Me
06. Sliver
07. Pennyroyal Tea
08. Scentless Apprentice
09. All Apologies
10. Heart-Shaped Box
11. Blew
12. The Man Who Sold The World
13. School
14. Come As You Are
15. Lithium
16. About a Girl
17. Endless, Nameless


Vampire Weekend at Merriweather: Oxford Commas and Peace Frogs [Video/Pics/Set List]

Vampire Weekend’s Father of the Bride Tour breezed through Merriweather Post Pavilion on Thursday (8/29) night … we say breezed because of the nonchalant nature of the set – the band seemed loose and comfortable jamming on the stage for over 2 hours.  The whole tour has been that way – starting with pop up shows in random parks in LA and NYC, then moving on to some early morning tour warm up shows …



The Merriweather Post Pavilion show – the venue they declared their favorite (it’s the third time they played there since 2010) – they breezed through some old favorites like  Holiday, Mansard Rood, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (not 8 minutes), Diane Young, A-Punk, and new favorites Sunflower, Harmony Hall, and This Life.  They also threw 2 covers into the set – New Dorp.  New York (from Ezra Koenig’s SBTRKT project) and Peace Frog by The Doors – in honor of the band having played Merriweather in 1968 (see video below)



The band ended their set a little earlier than Merriweather’s hard cutoff of 11pm – so turned to crowd for requests … the first request honored, Hanna Hunt, came from a fan sporting a homemade 8 minute Cape Cod bucket hat and snake earrings …the second – Diplomat’s Son (which they jammed in part of Pressure Drop by The Maytals) came from a fan wearing a Hard Rock Café Atlanta shirt .. they made him confirm he had actually been there before playing his request.. they ended the song asking where all the diplomats were … lol


Vampire Weekend - A Punk




The night ended with Ezra promising to be back soon (sooner than 6-9 years at least) and then stepping into the crowd to sign some autographs – again proving he’s just as cool as a cucumber – despite playing in front of 10,000 adoring fans …  



Vampire Weekend - Peace Frog (The Doors Cover)




Set list  

1. Sunflower

2.White Sky



5.Mansard Roof

6.Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

7.How Long



10.Unbearably White


12.New Dorp. New York  (SBTRKT cover)

13.This Life

14.Hold You Know

15.Harmony Hall

16.Diane Young



19.Don’t Lie

20.Peace Frog (The Doors cover)

21.Oxford Comma

22.Jerusalem, New York, Berlin



23.Big Blue

24.Hanna Hunt (request)

25.Diplomat’s Son (request)

26.Flower Moon

27.Worship You

28.Ya Hey





Noel Gallagher Wants You To Sign A Petition To Get Foo Fighters To Split Up [VIDEO]

At last weekend's Reading Festival, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins adorned his drum kit with a picture of Noel and Liam Gallagher from their Oasis days.  During the set he declared - "One of these days we’ll get Oasis back. Let’s sign a petition. Everyone here, okay?”  Dave Grohl added - “We’re trying ... How many people wanna see Oasis fucking play a show?”


Apparently - word of the petition has made its way back to Noel Gallagher - who jokingly responded to the request before his own concert in San Diego last night: 


“Any Oasis fans in the house? Fuckin’ love that shit...Is anyone gonna sign the petition Dave Grohl wants to get together to get us back together? I’d like to start a petition to get the Foo Fighters to split up. If that would be at all possible.”




Noel wants to start a petition to split the Foo Fighters from r/oasis