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Beck Shares New Paisley Park Sessions EP [LISTEN]


Beck recently visited Prince’s legendary Paisley Park Studios and left with an EP full of music clearly inspired by the Purple One. 




The Amazon exclusive EP includes two Beck tracks - Where It's At and Up All Night - with both tracks being given a little Prince-esque funk to them - and a medley of Prince hits.


You'll need to be an Amazon music subscriber to hear the full tracks- but you can get a sampling for free below - 




Alex Trebek gets choked up at 'Jeopardy!' contestant's answer- #WeLoveYouAlex goes viral


There have been a lot of memorable moments on TV Game Shows in history - but Monday's Final Jeopardy may take the cake.  


Contestant Dhruv Gaur was stumped on the answer - so he wrote an answer that stole the hearts of everyone watching by simply writing "We heart you, Alex,” 


Show host Alex Trebek announced in March that he had been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.


The answer had Trebek a little choked up, responding "That’s very kind, thank you,” before moving on 






In case you were wondering - The Final Jeopardy answer was, "In the title of a groundbreaking 1890 exposé of poverty in New York City slums, these 3 words follow 'How the.'" The correct response was, "What is 'other half lives?'"




Repairman accidentally gets high after contacting LSD residue on a vintage synthesizer



A repair of an old synthesizer turned into a long strange trip for Eliot Curtis, the Broadcast Operations Manager for San Francisco's KPIX Television.  


Curtis decided to repair a vintage Buchla Model 100 modular synthesizer that had been sitting in storage at Cal State University East Bay since the 1960s.  


When he got the unit home and opened up - he noticed  “a crust or a crystaline residue on it.”  He attempted to remove the residue with his fingers and soon started feeling a tingling sensation ... and for the next 9 hours - was high on LSD.  This was confirmed by testing on the residue (LSD can stay potent for decades if stored in the right conditions)


So why would there be LSD on this keyboard?


Rumors are that musicians in the 60s - when this model was used - would dip their instruments in LSD then - wet their finger, touch the device, and then lick their finger to get a little bit of mind-expanding inspiration.


Also - the instruments inventor - Don Buchla, has a connection to LSD - he was part of the 60's psychedelic scene and his equipment was purchased by LSD advocate Ken Kesey.  Additionally, he was a friend of Grateful Dead sound engineer Owsley Stanley, who was an infamous manufacturer of an extremely pure strain of LSD.




Stream Vampire Weekend's Performance From Austin City Limits


Vampire Weekend were the latest musical guests on the music special Austin City Limits.  


The band played a 10 song set (that you can stream below) offering songs from their latest release - Father of the Bride - and several songs from their older albums.  Keep scrolling to hear our latest podcast - featuring Nicole's conversation with lead singer Ezra Koenig 






White Sky
My Mistake
New Dorp New York
This Life
Harmony Hall
Jerusalem, New York, Berlin








The Black Crowes to Reunite - Will Perform Entire 'Shake Your Money Maker' on Summer Tour


2020 will mark the 30th anniversary of The Black Crowes debut album - Shake Your Money Maker.  And to honor the occasion - the band will reunite and tour - playing the album in its entirety along with a second set of music comprising of the rest of the band's greatest hits 


The band had teased a reunion with some social media posts



But billboards spotted in New York have revealed the band will play July 17th at New Jersey’s PNC Bank Arts Center and July 18 in  New York at Jones Beach Theater.  No other dates have been confirmed yet



The tour will mark the first time the band has played together in six years.




Too Hot For the Street: Why The Red Hot Chili Peppers Weren't Allowed to Perform on Sesame Street


Over the past 50 years - Sesame Street has aired thousands of episodes with numerous musical guests. 


Some notable appearances include, REM doing even more kid friendly version of Shiny Happy People, complete with a a Muppet-ized version of The B-52’s Kate Pierson.




I wonder if more parents enjoyed Elvis Costello and Elmo more than the toddlers 



Dave Matthews expressed his feelings to Grover - while showing off his Banjo skills ... 




But there is one band who never got the chance to play at 123 Sesame Street:  


The Red Hot Chili Peppers 


In 1994, lead singer Anthony Kiedis told Rolling Stone: 


“Did I tell you we’re going on Sesame Street? I’ve seen Dizzy Gillespie on Sesame Street, and a number of musicians have appeared in sketches. They play music, and the kids gather around, and it’s always a really cool thing. For a long time, we’ve wanted to play Sesame Street, and they weren’t too sure about it. But they finally said yes. So as soon as we finish this record, we’re gonna do a spot on Sesame Street. That could be the pinnacle of our career… I think it just took ’em a while to realize that we have an understanding with kids and that kids dig what we do.”


Unfortunately - the band was never allowed to make the appearance.  According to Carolyn Miller - a Children's Television Workshop publicist - the show deemed the band "would not be appropriate" for the show.  


In 2010 - a Sesame Street writer revealed that it was (ironically) a Rolling Stone photo that lead to the band's not being suited for the Sesame Street audience:

“I remember years ago, when the Red Hot Chili Peppers were on the cover of Rolling Stone [in the nude] and they wanted to do the show, and the executive producer at the time said no, but that’s the only thing in my memory where we said, ‘No, that’s inappropriate,’”




Besides Kiedis - drummer - and muppet enthusiast - Chad Smith was disappointed: 


"Yeah, we really wanted to be on Sesame Street, so bad, because it was such a great, great show. And you know, we have kids, we love kids...We thought it would be so fun. And they were like, ‘Um, no, you guys are a little too racy for us.  We were like, ‘No, come on! We don’t do that anymore! We’ll be good!’ But that was it. They ran it up the totem pole, and the totem pole came back down.” 


Sadly - despite the band's love for the show - and show star Elmo listing the RHCP as his favorite band - this fan-made video of Kermit the Frog and Animal singing Under the Bride is probably as close as we'll get to the collab 





SOAK's Pop Up Performance at FADO Knocked Us Off Our Feet



Irish singer songwriter SOAK was in Annapolis for a few hours on Thursday (11/7) .. so we asked her to stop by FADO for an impromtu Pop Up Show.  



The Derry native felt a little at home after learning Fado's owner is from the same small town they are from :) 



The quick solo performance was capped off with her latest single - Knock Me Off My Feet.  Hope to see you soon SOAK  


SOAK - Knock Me Off My Feet (WRNR Pop Up Show)



You can see more pictures from the performance HERE


Billie Eilish played a secret acoustic show at Jack White's Third Man Records

Billie Eilish and her collaborator / brother FINNEAS were in Nashville for a surprise show at Third Man Records’ Blue Room  last night (11/6).  The two played 11 acoustic songs at the secret, invite-only event, according to The Tennessean




AND the show was recorded for part of the Live at Third Man series.  But you'll have to travel to label’s retail locations in Nashville and Detroit to get a copy beginning next month. 



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Born Rotten

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This Teacher Remixed Lizzo's 'Truth Hurts' to Empower Her Students and The Singer 100% Approves


A california teacher has harnessed the powerful positivity of LIZZO to create an anthem of greatness her second grade students.


Pittsburgh Unified School District teacher DorothyHoney Mallari took Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" and rewrote the lyrics and is telling her students Let's be great, 'cause I know we are great!




The video has gone viral - with Lizzo herself responding - 




This Visualizer of The Best Selling Music Albums and Artists Is Mesmerizing


A company called Data Is Beautiful has compiled data and created a visualizer that shows the best selling music albums and artists from 1969 - 2019.  


According to the creator - 


Timeline history of most popular music artists from 1969 to 2019 ranked by yearly certified record sales. Numbers are worldwide and adjusted to twelve months trailing average.


Recent years data includes digital singles sales as reported by online music retailers and streaming services. This data aggregates multiple sources and can serve as popularity indicator across different medias such as album sales, radio broadcasting, digital copies sales and online streaming frequency.


Now sit back and get lost in the ... data 




The New Pornographers Private Artist Showcase [PICS and VIDEO]


In between shows at DC's 930 Club and Lincoln Theatre - The New Pornographers made time to come visit us in Annapolis for a Private Artist Showcase at Rams Head OnStage



We've been trying to get the Canadian troupe in for a showcase for a long time - so this was a very special Showcase.  



The New Pornographers - Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile (WRNR Private Artist Showcase)



The band played songs from their entire catalog - and even an impromtu encore :) 


The New Pornographers - Whiteout Conditions (WRNR Private Artist Showcase)


The 2019 Private Artist Showcase Series is sponsored by AP Mathews Heating & Air Conditioning and Old Fox Books 




Kacey Musgraves announces Christmas Special w/ Lana Del Rey, Leon Bridges & more


Country stare like Dolly Parton, John Denver, Loretta Lynn, and Johnny Cash have all had Christmas specials ... and now - 2019's country pop darling Kacey Musgraves is getting her own! 


The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show will debut on Amazon Prime on November 29



The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show Teaser | Prime Video


 Musgraves has lined up a pretty great group of guests for the special: Lana Del Rey, Leon Bridges, Zooey Deschanel, Fred Armisen, Dan Levy ( from Schitt’s Creek) Kendall Jenner, Troye Sivan, James Corden, Camila Cabello, and the Radio City Rockettes


Musgraves said of the special: 

What started as the small seed of an idea one night over a year ago has turned into something I’m so proud of. Some truly brilliant comedic and musical guests are featured in the show — as well as my own Grandma. My vision was to bring my old Christmas album to life visually and create a modern and fashionable, fresh take on a classic format. It’s a nostalgic, Wes Anderson-inspired reimagining of the holidays. It’s heartfelt, funny, and most of all, real. I can’t wait to finally share.






Ellen Challenges A Teenager Use a Phone Book, a Map & a Rotary Phone


Back in the 'dark ages' - everyone didn't have a computer in their pocket that could order them food, get directions, send money to people - oh - and make phone calls 



With a whole generation of people growing up having never known life without a smart phone - Ellen challenged a 17-year-old to use three items that have become pretty much obsolete - maps, phone books, and rotary phones - and the results are hilarious! 




Tame Impala Announce New Album, Share New Song, Reveal Tour 2020 Dates

It was a week of big news for fans of Tame Impala. 


First - the band announced that a 12 track album, The Slow Rush, will be out on Valentine's Day 2020. 


Then - they gave us a taste of what they have been working on when not on tour ... 





...In the form of the first song from the album - the track, called “It Might Be Time, has an interesting chorus -  “It might be time to face it/ You’re not as cool as you used to be" 



Tame Impala - It Might Be Time (Audio)





Parker also took to Instagram - sharing some insights on the track


Hey everyone sorry i’ve been a bit quiet for the last 4 billion years and sorry it’s all been a bit weird this year, there are all sorts of excuses i could serve you but it basically all comes down to me hating the idea of giving you anything that isn’t the best my entire heart and soul and brain can give. But i’m so fucking relieved the day has finally come that i can give you a date, I guess you are too… And i’m so excited for touring next year and beyond with a new show and new album of songs and yes we’ll come to peru and yes we’ll come to brazil and wherever you live in the world because that’s all i want to do for the rest of my life. I’ll be waiting anxiously with you until feb 14 2020, in the meantime enjoy this quirky new song about your own inner paranoid thoughts telling you you’ve lost your mojo, and whose drum sound took me about 1 of those 4 billion years. love you all



Finally - the group annouced some 2020 shows .. but you might have to call your travel agent to get to them - 


03-09 San Diego, CA - Pechanga Arena #
03-10 Los Angeles, CA - The Forum #
03-13 San Francisco, CA - Chase Center #
03-19 Mexico City, MX - Foro Sol # $


# w/ Clairo

$ w/ MGMT






Rage Against The Machine reportedly reforming in 2020, headlining Coachella

Rage Against the Machine have annouced they will be reuniting in 2020.  The band announced it in an Instagram post - see below - and it was confirmed (ironically?) in Forbes Magazine - who were told by Wayne Kamemoto, a longtime associate of the band just said, "The band's social media is accurate."


The dates include shows in El Paso, Las Cruces, and Phoenix, as well as two shows on the weekends of Coachella 2020 and the post was also shared by guitarist Tom Morello (with a little different message to fans) ... It is the band's ONLY Instagram post.  






Chile is not messing around. USA NEXT? (Repost @war_within_a_breath)

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Dave Grohl and Ringo Starr Reflect On Losing Kurt Cobain and John Lennon - In A Bathtub

Rolling Stone has an amazing new feature called Musicians on Musicians -  in which two artists interview each other.  Previous episodes have had Billie Eilish with Green Day's Billie Joe Armstong, St Vincent and Kirk Hamett, and Lenny Kravitz with HER. In the latest installment - Rolling Stone had two drummers turned front men - Dave Grohl and Ringo Starr sit down together ... in a bath tub of course .. to discuss their craft, dealing with losing bandmates, and finding a new career after their original bands. 



The two have a bit of history - Grohl spoke at the release of Starr’s first photography book and Starr took photos for the Foo Fighters 2014 album Sonic Highways.  Grohl also admits that the first musical instrument he taught himself to play was guitar - using a Beatles chord book.  




The two also got extremely candid in opening up to each other about the loss of their close friends and musical collaborators John Lennon and Kurt Cobain. 


When  Starr was asked what he thought of Nirvana, he responded 


“Absolutely great, and the man himself [Cobain] had so much emotion. That’s what I loved. I’m an emotional guy. No one can doubt Nirvana, ever.  And who knew he’d end up where he ended up. I don’t think anyone who listened to music with any courage could doubt him, ’cause he was courageous.I don’t know the end story, and it’s not about him, and we lose a lot of people in our business early … This is the famous 27-year syndrome. A lot of them went by 27, like it’s that number—what, had they got it all in by then? Or maybe that’s just the way God planned it; I don’t know"


Grohl discussed his dealings with Cobain's passing: 


“Well, I realized when Kurt died that there’s no right or wrong way to grieve. It takes funny turns. You’ll be numb. You’ll remember the good things, then you’ll turn and remember some dark times. I stayed away from music for a while. I wouldn’t even turn on the radio. And then I eventually realized that music was the one thing that actually made me feel better. And music was gonna help me through that. So I started writing songs and recording them by myself.”


Starr recalled Lennon's death: 


“I well up every time I think [about it]—he’s talking about me. He says [imitates Lennon], ‘Hey, Ringo, this’d be great for you.’ And I can’t help myself.  I’m emotional now thinking of him 40 years ago talking about me on his tape and thinking of me. The four of us were great friends with a couple of side issues. And it was far out. So anyway, I didn’t know how to act. And then I got back to L.A., and I grieved, and then of course you always go through the grief." 


Starr goes on to explain that the song “Grow Old With Me” from his new album, What’s My Name, was one of the last songs Lennon wrote before his death






Check out the whole interview HERE 






Get Your Spook On With The RNR Currated Halloween Playlist


Look out Monster Mash and Thriller - we've curateaded a special Halloween playlist of music you'll actually like ;) 


RNR's Not Your Ordinary Halloween Playlist (play all)




RNR's Not Your Ordinary Halloween Playlist - individual tracks - 

Radiohead - 2 + 2 = 5 + A Wolf at the Door 



Beck - Satan Gave me a Taco




The Black Keys - Howlin' For You  




Beck - Scarecrow ( Extended Version )




The White Stripes - Little Ghost



Pavement - The Killing Moon




The Smiths - Cemetry Gates




Stars - I Died So I Could Haunt You - The Five Ghosts (HD)



TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me 




The Dead Weather - The Difference Between Us and I'm Mad



The Flaming Lips-Halloween on the Barbadry Coast



The National - Anyone's Ghost





Father John Misty - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings




Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll 



Band of Horses - Is There a Ghost




Spoon - The Ghost of You Lingers




Lord Huron - The Yawning Grave




Arctic Monkeys - Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But....




Jenny Lewis Debuts The Most Jenny Lewis Style Live Video for 'Rabbit Hole' [WATCH]


Jenny Lewis released On The Line nearly 8 months ago - but is still in full swing of promoting her 4th studio album.  


She was recently on The Tonight Show performing her latest single - Rabbit Hole ... a performance in which she was carried off by stage by a giant pink bunny ... 


Jenny Lewis: Rabbit Hole on The Tonight Show




She also released a just as Jenny Lewis-esque live video for the song - complete with a band - fully clad in black bodysuits sporting some unique dance moves ... stay with the video til the end to see the revelation of their faces  ... The video was a part the Jenny Lewis: On the Line Online —  A Three-Hour Live Listening Party, Variety Show & Charity Fundraiser 



Jenny Lewis | Rabbit Hole (Official Music Video)



15 ridiculously cute photos of kids in their Halloween costumes



Let's face it ... Halloween is great for a lot of reasons - but one of the best is seeing kids (both human and animal) in their adorable costumes .. here are some of our favorites for 2019 ... Got pictures of your kids looking cute - be sure to leave them in the comments. 



Just in time for the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ... a baby Ewok  





What are you dressing your baby up this year? #Repost @arnedoodle ??? Heeeey you guys! I’m just throwing it back to last year when I was Chunk from The Goonies! ???????????? Hope you’re all having fun preparing for Halloween! Can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes this year! ???? . . . . #halloweencostume #halloweendogs #doghalloweencostume #dogsofhalloween #cutehalloweencostume #cannonbeach #cannonbeachoregon #thegoonies #gooniesneversaydie #dogphotography #dogstyle #dogfashion #falloutfits #fallfashiontrends #autumnvibes???? #pumpkinspicelatte #petfriendly #dogsoflosangeles #fallyall #fortheloveofpets #weratedogs #dogsterdogs #moderndog

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Took a DNA Test - She's 100% cute as heck

Hope he called Miss Utility 





You ain't got no legs, Lt Dan! 







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Pikachu, I choose you! 
















Peppa Pig - what are you doing here? 






Probably writing a parking ticket ... 






Musicians on Musicians: Billie Joe Armstrong interviews Billie Eilish [WATCH]




Musicians on Musicians is an interesting new feature by Rolling Stone where two artists sit down and discuss discuss their very different experiences of fame and success

In this episode - pop punk icon and Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstong speaks with the 2019 breakout  electropop / mumble rap / pop star Billie Eilish (remember when someone mashed the two artists up ???) 





In the interview - both parties expressed their admiration for each other: 


Armstrong lets Eilish know how much he appreciates her music for being “earnest” and sounding like “freedom”.


“I know this sounds [weird], but I always gravitate toward music that sounds like freedom. And that’s what I get from your music. It’s like an earnest person that’s expressing themselves and incorporating new sounds. Some of it sounds like jazz to me, if that’s cool to say ... The lyrics are also just very real. That’s important when you’re surrounded by things that sound synthetic and not very real.”


While Eilish's admiration showed a bit of the generation gap - LOL 


EILISH I can’t believe I’m in the room with the guy who was my wallpaper.

ARMSTRONG I was your wallpaper?

EILISH Yeah, on the lock screen on my phone.

ARMSTRONG Oh, that wallpaper. Awesome!





Did Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley kidnap the Eastport Oyster Boys for tug of war vengeance?

Breaking news out of the 21403 - The Eastport Oyster Boys seem to have gone missing ahead of Saturday's 22nd Annual Slaughter Across the Water / Tug of War, pitting Eastport vs. Annapolis.


Could Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley be "in" on the caper?  This footage seems to he is :) 


MRE Traitors Beware! - Annapolis Fights Back



Find out Saturday at the crack of noon. City Dock (or Second Street if you are in the MRE). 


The "Slaughter Across the Water" raises funds for The Bernie House, Eastport Elementary, Annapolis Elementary, Civil Air Patrol, Seeds 4 Success, Severn River Association and the Eastport Volunteer Fire Company.


If you go


Saturday at City Dock, 1 Dock Street

Party starts at 11 a.m.; first tug at noon

Free, or $75 for VIP access



Saturday on Eastport’s 2nd Street

Tugger registration at 10:45 a.m.; first tug at noon



PATERNITY SHOCKER: Marcus Mumford you are the father!

The release of Blind Leading The Blind wasn't the only big news for Mumford and Sons this week ... they got a new member of the band - James Corden


(Ok - not really - but this skit from The Late Late Show with James Corden is pretty hilarious) 


Check it out! 



PATERNITY SHOCKER: Marcus Mumford & James Corden Are Related?!



Hear Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunite to cover John Lennon's "Grow Old with Me"

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, have released a cover of one of the final songs written by their late Beatles band mate John Lennon - “Grow Old with Me”.


The song was written prior to Lennon's death in 1980 and released posthumously on 1984’s Milk and Honey.  


The idea for the cover was conceived in the 90s and the two have finally gotten around to releasing the song.  


Their version of “Grow Old With Me” (which you can hear below) features Ringo Starr on drums and vocals,  Paul McCartney on bass and backing vocals, and The Eagles’ Joe Walsh on guitar - and is one of the tracks on Starr’s new solo album, What’s My Name, out now


Starr explained the song’s sentimental meaning:


“I’m an emotional person. And I just loved this song. I sang it the best that I could. I do well up when I think of John this deeply. And I’ve done my best. We’ve done our best. The other good thing is that I really wanted Paul to play on it, and he said yes. Paul came over and he played bass and sings a little bit on this with me. So John’s on it in a way. I’m on it and Paul’s on it. It’s not a publicity stunt. This is just what I wanted. And the strings that Jack arranged for this track, if you really listen, they do one line from ‘Here Comes the Sun’. So in a way, it’s the four of us.”

Ringo Starr - Grow Old With Me (Lyric Video)



What’s My Name Tracklist

  1. Gotta Get Up To Get Down
  2. It’s Not Love That You Want
  3. Grow Old With Me
  4. Magic
  5. Money (That’s What I Want)
  6. Better Days
  7. Life Is Good
  8. Thank God For Music
  9. Send Love Spread Peace
  10. What’s My Name


Cage The Elephant Debuts Interactive Music Video for 'Social Cues' [WATCH]


Cage The Elephant have debuted an interactive music video for “Social Cues,” - the bands latest #1 song - making them the #1 alternative band of the 2010s. 


The video features the band performing at Adult Swim’s FishCenter Live in Atlanta, GA, and had additional direction from singer Matt Shultz.


The video for their latest single also provides the phone number 615-235-5440 and encourages fans to text the band directly, who will be responding to questions and elaborating on the themes of their album, Social Cues.  


Cage The Elephant - Social Cues (Official Video)



Check out Pictures from Cage The Elephant at Merriweather Post Pavilion HERE


Coldplay Release 2 Tracks - 'Orphans' & 'Arabesque' From Double LP 'Everyday Life'

Coldplay have revealed two tracks from the double album, Everyday Life, Orphans” and “Arabesque”  - which you can hear below ...


The full album will be released Nov. 22


The band has been teasing the album in newspaper ads (that confirmed the album will have 16 tracks  


Cryptic Posters 


and even on their social media ... 



A post shared by Coldplay (@coldplay) on


 Both tracks were produced by the Dream Team, with Stromae providing vocals and Femi Kuti and his band playing horns on “Arabesque.”


Worth noting that “Orphans” and “Arabesque” are also available as a standard black and limited edition gold 7″ vinyl via Jack White’s Third Man Records.


The band will also appear as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on November 2. 


Coldplay - Orphans (Official Lyric Video)


Coldplay - Arabesque (Official Lyric Video)