WRNR Winner's Blogs

I'm in the holiday spirit, so I have to give thanks to everyone who helped me win WRNR's contest to go see Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket in NYC:

I started listening to WRNR about 6 years ago. I was carpooling with my friend, Mychael, and he kept trying to get me to listen to "his" radio stations. Well, I have to thank Mychael for being persistent, because I became hooked. I enjoy listening to WRNR so much, that, despite living out of the listening area, I tune in on my computer at work. Not only did Mychael introduce me to WRNR, but he also introduced me to Band of Horses. So, two big shout-outs to him.

Another person who helped me win this contest is my husband, Joe. Without Joe watching so much NFL and ESPN (despite my constant groaning and complaining), I would never have been able to subconsciously absorb enough sports knowledge to be able to answer the "young band of horses/Colts" question that entered me in WRNR's contest.


Of course, I have to give BIG THANKS to WRNR for being such a kick-ass radio station! WRNR, thanks for the train tickets, a great hotel room, and, of course, great seats at the concert. I brought my sister along; we were able to walk around NYC, in full holiday swing, and then go to one of the best concerts EVER. Band of Horses was great, as expected, but I can admit that I was unprepared for the FORCE that is My Morning Jacket. They rocked it and the concert was four hours of awesomeness!

The only downside to my experience is that my coworkers will not let me forget how I "squealed" with joy when WRNR called and told me I won... but it was worth it.