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Maryland Summit on Energy Democracy & Affordabilit

From 8:00AM to 3:00PM

Electricity is a vital ingredient in life, yet many still struggle to afford their home energy bills. The current system is increasingly inflexible to the diverse needs of the population it serves, and does not offer many opportunities for people to control their costs, achieve savings, or assume any role other than that of a passive consumer. Maryland's Public Service Commission has started to consider the modernization of our state's electric grid. This is an opportunity to transform energy from a necessary burden in people’s lives into an engine of equity, prosperity, health, and empowerment. How can Maryland’s policymakers, regulators, decision-makers and residents work together to leverage this moment of transformation and achieve a just, prosperous, environmentally-friendly energy future? Join Marylanders for Energy Democracy and Affordability (MEDA) for a day of local and out-of-state perspectives, expert panels, and roundtable discussions focused on how Maryland’s Grid of the Future can facilitate energy affordability, increased efficiency, security, climate and environmental protection, as well as public health and welfare.